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Metal Recycle…it’s good for the earth

Scrap Metal

Drop off your scrap metal anytime at our FREE scrap metal drop off location located at 2416 Highway 17 East. We pay top market prices for scrap metal during regular office hours. Drive on scale available on site.

Please note that we do not accept refrigerators or freezers unless they have been tagged by a licenced technician and the coolant has been removed. A $50 charge applies to all untagged units.

Precious Metals

Do you have precious metals? Copper wire, aluminum, stainless, etc? We pay top dollar for that too! Bring in you metals and we will weigh them on our Precious Metals Scale that gives an accurate weight so you can get precisely paid.

Derelict Vehicles

Do you own a Derelict vehicle? Call us today for free pickup. Or drive it in and get paid!

We are members of the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association and abide by the highest standards set in the vehicle recycling industry. Tires, fluids, batteries and mercury switches are all safely removed and properly recycled.